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The U.S. transportation infrastructure network is an annual $200 billion-plus market with highway and bridge construction and maintenance accounting for $120 billion of the total.*

We put you in front of professionals with buying power, and in addition, give you a new depth of information about that audience that no one else can offer. Through Verified Audit Circulation and EDA insights, we can now provide a comprehensive assessment of total audience reach across multiple channels.

EDA Match Through Equipment Data Associates (EDA™) we can tell you equipment owned, equipment age, credit ratings, and much more. We have 15,000,000+ pieces of equipment in our database.Learn more at or contact your account manager.
Audience Reach Our high quality, cross-channel content generates audience loyalty for Better Road’s industry leading offerings.
Average Audience Reach: 72,561
For detailed audience information, download the most recent audit report at


Better Roads is the most trusted source of information and ideas for highway professionals and government contractors.

Filled with compelling content, Better Roads provides information to road builders that is insightful, actionable, and grows revenue for their businesses.

The magazine is available in both digital and print formats.

40,000 Monthly Subscribers is rich with industry-related content. Our loyal audience depends on our industry news, business tips, and product solutions.

30,000+ Unique Monthly Visitors
51,000 Website Visitors per Month

Our daily newsletter provides additional, consistent exposure to a targeted audience.

15,700+ Subscribers

Better Roads’s editors are actively engaged with their audience through multi-platform networking. | | | |

The Construction Symposium The Construction Symposium provides a unique opportunity to network with construction professionals and industry leaders. This three-day event brings together the best in construction for educational sessions, networking and entertainment.

Top Rollout Awards Better Roads is home to the industry’s most awaited annual new equipment and products awards. These are not bulk awards. They are awards that recognize the elite contributors to the industry. We recognize winners that stand out because they are companies that had the confidence and optimism to invest in the industry.
Construction University Randall-Reilly Construction University (RRCU), founded in partnership with the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) and sponsoring firms, provides custom educational opportunities for construction professionals. RRCU uses the assets of Randall-Reilly in the construction market with the Equipment World and Better Roads brands to distribute valuable educational information to contractors, equipment maintenance managers, government agencies and other construction professionals. The sponsors of RRCU are able to build long lasting relationships with their customers and
Better Roads communicates to road-building professionals the way they consume information.

Timely A relevant news- and issue-oriented approach to content serves industry professionals better than topics picked months in advance.
Multi-Channel Covering topics through a variety of channels enables contractors to consume content when and where they want it.
Community-Building Our audience regularly engage with our content, editors and each other through our websites and social media. This builds a growing community of people with shared interests and goals.
Audience-Driven Through views, clicks, comments and shares, contractors tell us what’s most important to them. We respond with timely content they’re requesting. Advertisers benefit from having their messages surrounded by content that’s of vital, proven interest.
Audience-Multiplying Today, our ability to touch decision-makers and influencers in the construction industry is virtually limitless. Our content now reaches deeper into the industry and opens up whole new markets for our advertisers.

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Beginning in 2014, website and newsletter advertising opportunities will be based on audience zones and per-click budget. This allows for maximum exposure and a measurable, immediate ROI.

Typical campaigns average a $7 – $10 cost per click.

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