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Owner-operators are the largest carrier segment in the industry. More than 92% of all carriers operate less than 10 trucks.*

Overdrive defines an owner-operator business as having from one to nine Class 8 trucks, involved in for-hire transportation, where the owner still drives.

Currently, 165,100 owner-operator businesses operate more than 235,000 Class 8 trucks.

95% of all carriers have fewer than 20 trucks, with over 45% owning only 1 truck.

Source: Overdrive Owner-Operator Market Behavior Reports
*Department of Transportation data provided by RigDig Business Intelligence.

Since 1961, Overdrive has been an advocate for the owner-operator business model, providing information to help subscribers run successful operations. Through Verified Audit Circulation, we can now provide a comprehensive assessment of total audience reach into this market across multiple channels.

Average Audience Reach: 372,285

For detailed Overdrive audience information, download the latest audit report

Overdrive is dedicated to helping owner-operators keep their trucks in shape and their bottom lines healthy.

Magazine Overdrive is the top industry publication for owner-operators. Each issue is filled with new products, maintenance tips, business advice, news, subscriber comments and much more.100,000+ Monthly Circulation Overdrive’s website brings opportunity for increased exposure, but also offers blogs, news and audience interaction not found in the print version.210,000+ Unique Monthly Visitors
Mobile Site With the online community increasingly going mobile, it is crucial that sites are friendly to mobile platforms.155,000 mobile visits per month
Newsletter Overdrive’s newsletter provides a great vehicle for added exposure to a targeted audience. A separate newsletter, Overdrive’s Custom Rigs, goes out weekly to fans of customized trucks.145,000+ Owner-Operator Newsletter Subscribers
Trucker Tools The Trucker Tools App contains a myriad of functions used by drivers.Features include:
• Truck Stop Locator
• Real-Time Fuel Costs
• Routing & Fuel Optimizer
• TRANSFLO Load Track
• Walmart Locator | 200,000+ Downloads

Social Media Overdrive has a rapidly growing audience of thousands of owner-operators and company drivers who follow our news, commentary, discussion threads and more on Facebook, Twitter and | | |
Partners in Business Partners in Business, produced by Overdrive and ATBS, is the leading business training program for owner-operators. The free workshops, held at the Great American Trucking Show, cover best practices and cost management techniques. Sponsors can also use PIB manuals for their own campaigns. Two PIB podcasts and manual excerpts in Overdrive, and social media provide an additional reach into this target audience.August 22-23, 2014 (Two Seminars) |
Overdrive’s Pride and Polish Events Pride & Polish has been the standard for truck beauty contests for more than two decades and features five events, including the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas for the National Championship. Sponsorship provides 10 months of multi-channel
The Great American Trucking Show The Great American Trucking Show is strategically located, organized and positioned to attract fleet executives, owner-operators and company drivers and is one of the largest annual events in trucking. GATS provides exhibiting and sponsoring
companies value by creating efficiencies in their marketing and bringing multiple buying-influencers together. GATS draws more than 46,500 registered attendees.
August 21-23, 2014 |
Overdrive’s communication with owner-operators fits the ways they consume information. Today, Overdrive’s audience demands critical information on important topics whenever they need it and wherever they are. This new reality means a fresh approach to our editorial planning. Instead of a detailed editorial calendar created months in advance, we’ll provide a general outline of some key coverage areas and let current industry issues and events drive much of our content for a more engaged audience.

Timely A relevant news- and issue-oriented approach to content serves contractors better than topics picked months in advance.
Multi-Channel Covering topics through a variety of channels enables owner-operators to consume content when and where they want it.
Community-Building Owner-operators regularly engage with our content, editors and each other through our websites and social media. This builds a growing community of people with shared interests and goals.
Owner-Operator-Driven Through views, clicks, comments and shares, owner-operators tell us what’s most important to them. We respond with timely content they’re requesting. Advertisers benefit from having their messages surrounded by content that’s of vital, proven interest.
Audience-Multiplying Today, our ability to touch decision-makers and influencers in the construction industry is virtually limitless. Our content now reaches deeper into the industry and opens up whole new markets for our advertisers.

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Beginning in 2014, website and newsletter advertising opportunities will be based on audience zones and per-click budget. This allows for maximum exposure and a measurable, immediate ROI.

Typical campaigns average a $7 – $10 cost per click.

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