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Data Services

Target your audience for actionable leads.

Take the guesswork out of your marketing by informing it with powerful data. Because our data is purchased from reputable sources and meticulously cleaned and organized, you get actionable insights that convert into sales.

Equipment Data Associates

15,000,000+ entries with equipment owned, credit history, & more

EDA Insights

RigDig Business Intelligence

1,000,000+ listings with CSA history, mileage, & more

RigDig BI

Driver Recruiting Database

1,000,000+ driver applications to get the drivers you need

Driver Database

Top Bid
Auction Data

Comprehensive equipment auction prices & serial number data

Top Bid

Your Data Insights

Who is your ideal customer?

By matching the behaviors of existing customers, you can use data to find new customers and grow your audience.

When are your customers buying?

Data can be used to establish the buying cycles of  your audience, ensuring you reach out at the right time.

What locations should you target?

Our interactive maps allow you to search for buyers by hundreds of parameters and find the best locations to target.

What’s your market share?

Not only can you establish your market share, but you can identify competitor’s market share that can be captured.


How do Data Services fit into the Conversion Lifecycle?

Data is the first step along the journey to grow your audience. Rather than mass market in the dark, data allows you to build a highly targeted audience, while  ensuring your marketing efforts are timely and effective.

Marketing to the Conversion Lifecycle

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