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2017 Equipment World Media Kit

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Total Contractor Contacts: 727,057

Equipment World puts advertisers in front of an audience with proven buying power. This gives our advertisers a new depth of information about an audience no one else can offer.

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Equipment World’s editors are actively engaged with their audience through multi-platform networking.

Channel Audience Size Description
THE MAGAZINE 100,000 Monthly Circulation As the leading information resource for users of construction equipment, trucks, and related products, we’re dedicated to delivering industry-relevant content and helping contractors maintain and grow their businesses.
EQUIPMENTWORLD.COM 193,787 Unique Monthly Visitors Our editors produce lively, original content directed at a broad construction audience. We’ve had year-over-year growth of 65% in overall visits and 149% growth in page views.
MOBILE SITE 109,503 Monthly Mobile Visits With all audiences increasingly going mobile, it is crucial that sites are formatted for mobile devices.
NEWSLETTERS 62,000 Subscribers Equipment World’s daily roundup offers easily digested news and industry thought pieces. The monthly technology newsletter zeros in on how contractors can effectively use all the tools now available.

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CONTRACTOR’S DREAM PACKAGE Equipment World’s Contractor’s Dream Package is awarded annually to a U.S.-based licensed highway and heavy, non-residential contracting firm. The prizes include products and services from each of our sponsors. Sponsoring brands are given exposure through submission promotion in Equipment World’s magazine ads, website and newsletter banners throughout the year.

Key Editorial Topics

New Feature

Issue Key Topic Areas
  • Excavators
  • QuickData: Dozers
  • Maintenance: Fuel filtration technologies
  • Extra Coverage Year in Review
  • Website Coverage: World of Concrete
  • Road Technology: In-place Recycling
  • Highway Contractor: Milling Machines
  • Wheel Loaders
  • Attachments: Demolition Attachments
  • QuickData: Aerial Lifts
  • Rent/Lease/Buy: Excavators
  • Extra Coverage ConExpo-Con/Agg show issue
  • Website Coverage: The Rental Show
  • Road Technology: Intelligent Compaction
  • Highway Contractor: Concrete Pavers
  • Backhoes
  • QuickData: Articulated dump trucks
  • Maintenance: Turbochargers
  • Website Coverage: ConExpo-Con/Agg, Work Truck Show, AEMP Management Conference
  • Road Technology: High RAP/RAS asphalt pavements
  • Articulated Dump Trucks
  • Attachments: Landcleaning attachments
  • QuickData: Compact excavators
  • Rent/Lease/Buy: Dozers
  • Extra Coverage ConExpo-Con/Agg after-show report
  • Road Technology: Slurry & microsurfacing seals
  • Highway Contractor: Curb & gutter machines
  • Contractor of the Year
  • Attachments: Lifting attachments
  • Quick Data: Compact track loaders
  • Management: Emissions technology
  • Technology: Work zone best practices
  • Maintenance: Shop safety
  • Better Bridges: Accelerated bridge construction techniques
  • AEMP Technician of the Year
  • Attachments: Landscaping attachments
  • Quick Data: Wheel loaders
  • Rent/Lease/Buy: Backhoes
  • Technology: Sustainability in asphalt pavements
  • Highway Contractor: Compactors
  • Dozers
  • Attachments: Grade control attachments
  • QuickData: Trenchers
  • Management: Engine repowers
  • Technology Sustainability in concrete pavements
  • Highway Contractor: Pothole repair equipment
  • Skid Steers
  • Attachments: Cleanup/snow removal attachments
  • QuickData:Skid steers
  • Maintenance: Undercarriage maintenance
  • Rent/Lease/Buy: Articulated dump trucks
  • Website Coverage: American Public Works Show
  • Technology: Snow & Ice management
  • Highway Contractor: Vacuum and broom trucks
  • Directional Drills
  • Attachments: Concrete/asphalt attachments
  • QuickData:Excavators
  • Management: Tire maintenance & management
  • Rent/Lease/Buy: Wheel loaders
  • Extra Coverage: ICUEE show issue(trenchers, trehcnless)
  • Technology: Concrete pavement preservation
  • Highway Contractor: Motor grades
  • Compact Track Loaders
  • Attachments: Earthmoving/grading attachments
  • Website Coverage: ICUU, AEMP Equipment Shift Converence
  • Technology: Asphalt mix additives
  • Highway Contractor: Material transfer vehicles
  • Heavy Trucks
  • QuickData: Backhoes
  • Management: Small diesel engines (under 25hp)
  • Rent/Lease/Buy: Skid steers
  • Extra Coverage: ICUEE Products
  • Website Coverage: SEMA show
  • Technology: Asphalt hauling management
  • Highway Contractor: Fleet management for paving equipment
  • Better Bridges: 2017 Bridge Inventory
  • Compact Excavators
  • Technology Using drones in paving operations
  • Highway Contractor: Top roadbuilding rollouts

Production Schedule

Issue Close Date Materials Due
January 12/01/16 12/08/16
February 01/03/17 01/12/17
March 02/01/17 02/09/17
April 03/02/17 03/13/17
May 04/03/17 04/12/17
June 05/03/17 05/11/17
July 06/01/17 06/12/17
August 06/30/17 07/12/17
September (Spec Guide) 07/10/17 07/19/17
September 08/01/17 08/09/17
October 09/01/17 09/12/17
November 10/03/17 10/11/17
December 11/01/17 11/09/17

Run of Book Advertising Rates

All rates are gross, full-color.

Four-Color Rates 1X 6X 12X 24X
2 Page Spread $28,119 $27,568 $27,017 $26,476
Full Page $18,784 $18,416 $18,055 $17,694
2/3 Page $15,116 $14,819 $14,529 $14,238
1/2 Island $12,210 $11,721 $11,253 $10,802
1/2 Page $9,392 $9,016 $8,656 $8,310
1/3 Page $6,199 $5,951 $5,713 $5,484
1/4 Page $4,696 $4,508 $4,328 $4,155
Production & Handling Charges
  • Ad Design: $140-$360
  • Redesign/Resize: $75-$165
  • Text Changes: $30 & Up
  • Photo Scans: $50 & Up
  • Duplicate Digital Files: $30

Production charges will be billed at a non-commissionable rate.

Cover Positions

Rate includes four-color process, not subject to volume discounts beyond the 12X rate.

Premium Positions
  • Cover 2 Spread: Plus 20%
  • Back Cover: Plus 20%
  • Other Required Positioning: Plus 10%
Premium Positions & Inserts

Contact your sales representative for more information.

Color Fees

Rates include the standard four-color process. Matched 5th PMS color for $750.

Ad Specifications

Ad Sizes Ad Size Non-Bleed Ad Size w/ Bleed Ad Trim Size
2 Page Spread 15.25″ x 10″ 16″ x 10.75″ 15.75″ x 10.5″
Full Page 7.373″ x 10″ 8.125″ x 10.75″ 7.875″ x 10.5″
1/2 Page Spread Horizontal 14.75″ x 4.5″ 16″ x 5.375″ NA
2/3 Page Vertical 4.5″ x 9.5″ NA NA
1/2 Page Island 4.5″ x 7.375″ NA NA
1/2 Page Horizontal 7″ x 4.5″ NA NA
1/2 Page Vertical 4.5″ x 9.5″ NA NA
1/3 Page Square 4.5″ x 4.5″ NA NA
1/3 Page Horizontal 7″ x 2.75″ NA NA
1/3 Page Vertical 2.25″ x 9.5″ NA NA
1/4 Page Horizontal 4.5″ x 3.5″ NA NA
1/4 Page Vertical 3.375″ x 4.5″ NA NA
1/4 Banner 7″ x 2.25″ NA NA
1/6 Page Vertical 2.25″ x 4.5″ NA NA
1/6 Page Horizontal 4.5″ x 2.25″ NA NA
File Requirements

The preferred format for press is High Quality Print PDFs. Include all registration marks, embed images, and outline fonts. PDFs must contain only 4-color process images (CMYK). Two-page spreads should be prepared as one complete file to ensure proper bleed.

Alternate File Formats Accepted

Adobe CS5 Native Application Files (.ai, .indd, .psd). Ads created in an unacceptable format cannot be accepted and will need to be resubmitted or recreated.

Image Requirements

All images for ads and special sections should be color corrected and provided at or above our minimum resolution requirement of 300 dpi.

  • Mode: CMYK (convert all RGB and spot colors)
  • Format: .tif, .eps, or .jpg

If files are prepared improperly and mechanical requirements are not met, Randall-Reilly cannot guarantee the production capability or quality of the ad. All ads submitted should be suitable to print as is. Randall-Reilly cannot be responsible for any errors in content.

Media Targeting

Our websites and newsletters are the most direct way to engage our audience. You gain the advantage of contextual targeting by placing your ads next to high-value content. All campaigns utilize both the newsletters and websites. Your ad rotates banner positions until your budget is at capacity.

Use media targeting to:

  • Leverage the trust of industry brands.
  • Build brand awareness through targeted impressions.
  • Support conversion-based campaigns.
  • Drive traffic to your landing pages and website.

Targeted Display

The display networks of Google, Bing and Yahoo have the potential to reach nearly all internet users around the world. You can connect to your audience on these display network websites using multiple targeting options.

Use targeted display to:

  • Build brand awareness through targeted impressions.
  • Drive traffic to your landing pages and website.
  • Support conversion-based campaigns.
  • Promote special product offerings.

Facebook Advertising

You can leverage our exclusive audience to execute paid advertising campaigns on Facebook. Facebook accounts are matched to email addresses in our database, and we also utilize our tagged audience. Your ads appear as sponsored posts in the News Feeds of your audience. These ads can be supplemented by ads on the right-hand rail of News Feeds.

Use Facebook advertising to:

  • Build your social media presence.
  • Create additional touch points for campaigns.
  • Support conversion-based campaigns.
  • Promote your owned content.

YouTube Marketing

Using our tagged audience, you can utilize YouTube’s
advertising options to ensure your videos are found by the
right people.

Use YouTube marketing to:

  • Create lasting impressions with prospects.
  • Build conversion-based campaigns.
  • Increase organic search around your brand.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engines are the number one tool for prospects in the buying and research phase. By targeting the correct keywords, you can connect to these prospects. Randall-Reilly provides industry insight and SEM expertise that gives you unparalleled SEM success. We can filter your search campaigns by our tagged audience.

Use SEM to:

  • Drive conversion-based campaigns.
  • Connect to prospects in the buying phase.
  • Produce phone calls from interested buyers.
  • Capture traffic around your brand.

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