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Banner Display, Part II: Target the Right Device

For those of you who missed last week’s blog on banner display click here. But here is a short review. Online banner display has the potential for great value with one glaring caveat. You must be able maximize your budget by targeting only your prospects. Without this crucial step you will get an influx of unqualified leads that don’t convert, effectively wasting your budget.

What ways can you target your banners?

Target by Device

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Target by Location

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Target by Content

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Target by Behavior

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So what does it mean to target by device?

Target Laptops/Desktops


Target Smartphones




In many cases it is advantageous to include all three devices in your banner strategy. Much of it depends on what type of lead you hope to capture. Other factors to keep in mind are website functionality (swiping etc.) and what devices your audience is engaging on.

Target Laptops/Desktops

  • When you need prospects to fill out longer forms
  • If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website
  • If your leads need to come from a specific location

Target Smartphones

  • If you want your prospects to call
  • If your prospects are on the move
  • If you want mobile-specific responses (i.e. app downloads)

Target Tablets

  • If you have a tablet version of your website
  • To round out your marketing strategy
  • If you want tablet specific downloads (i.e. tablet app downloads)

As we discussed, many strategies will include all three devices, but you may need to put your emphasis on one. Get your research, take a look at your needs, and find what devices will bring you the most value.

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