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Banner Display, Part III: Location, Location, Location

For those of you who missed last week’s blog on banner display click here. But here is a short review. Online banner display has the potential for great value with one glaring caveat. You must be able maximize your budget by targeting only your prospects. Without this crucial step you will get an influx of unqualified leads that don’t convert, effectively wasting your budget.

What ways can you target your banners?

Target by Location

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Target by Content

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Target by Behavior

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So how can you target by location?

Target by Region

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Target by State

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Target by Route


Target by Address


1. Region

What is your AOR? Will a lead from outside of this area be  of any use to you? If not, you can make it so only prospects within a certain region see your online banners. For example, an equipment dealer from Atlanta may only want to target the Southeast, or a trucking company may need drivers for a regional route. Both are good examples of reasons to target by region.

2. State

This is pretty self explanatory. If you only need leads from a certain state, then only target that state. Remember, any useless lead is just a budget waster and clogs the process of identifying and nurturing prospects.

3. Route

With a bit of fancy code, you can target lanes of latitude and longitude. What does that mean and why is it useful? If you owned a chain of stores along a certain interstate, you could target all prospects within that route. Then, you would only reach potential customers who would be likely to stop at your store. Or perhaps you want to recruit drivers who live along a certain route.

4. Address

Similar to route, targeting by address allows you to reach everyone within a radius of a certain address. This can be highly effective for reaching prospects real-time during events and tradeshows. Through this type of geo-fencing, you could bring customers to your booth for special offers and promotions as they happen.

Targeting by location is another way to ensure your online banners are reaching potential customers, but don’t forget the other ways in which you can target. All four ways work in tandem to keep your online banner reaching the right people.

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