Campaign Hub FAQ
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Campaign Hub FAQ


Reach out to your Client Solutions Manager and they can reset your password.
Click on the down arrow after the “Report For” tab at the top of the dashboard.
Manually select the dates or use the menu to select an already defined timeframe such as “Last Month”:

You can also use the “Comparison” feature to compare metrics from one timeframe to another, such as the below:

The system pulls in data that is updated as of midnight the previous day.
Click on Export CSV at the top right of the Call or Form Detail Report to download a file with that lead detail.
You can download details for campaigns, however, if a more detailed report is needed for your campaign, please reach out to your Client Solutions Manager.
Please reach out to your Client Solutions Manager or Sales Rep.
Yes. If recordings are enabled on your account, they will download to the CSV file when calls are exported.
If a campaign is paused, typically leads will continue to come in while products are being deactivated.  These leads will fall under the residual tab.
Yes. Use the “Filter” button  at the top right of either Call or Form detail and the following menu will appear.

Enter your criteria in the filters and click “Update” to view the filtered results.

No, the graphs currently don’t have the capability to adjust based on filters on other dashboard widgets. This is a feature request currently in with our vendor that we hope to have available in future updates.




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