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Powerful data puts you ahead of the competition.

With more than 1,000,000 listings, you can identify your ideal customer and where you have opportunities to gain market share.

Target prospects by: size of fleets, equipment model, miles driven, CSA violations, and 260 more fields.

Gain insights on fleets & owner-operators through . . .

behavioral targeting and lead scoring

Behavioral Targeting + Lead Scoring

Look at your current customers’ attributes and begin to define your ideal buyer. Then, you can pull names from our database that fit your target market. These leads can be integrated directly into your CRM.

brand affinities and competitor targeting

Brand Affinities + Competitor Targeting

RDBI gives you access to fleets’ brand affinities for both engines and trucks. You can target those operating the brands you support or even target those fleets running competitors’ brands.

part and equipment replacement targeting

Part & Equipment Replacement Targeting

You can tell which customers are likely to need part replacements or purchase new trucks by looking at their average age of trucks. You can also target by violation type (brakes, tires, exhaust, etc.).

How can you use RigDig Business Intelligence?



Use RigDig Business Intelligence to target fleets running competitors’ brands.



Use RigDig Business Intelligence for prospecting and finding fleets that need service.

equipment auctioneers

Equipment Auctioneers

Use RigDig Business Intelligence to track market activity, brand affinity and profile your ideal buyers and sellers.

aftermarket parts and service

Aftermarket Parts & Service

Use RigDig Business Intelligence to easily target prospects by violations, age of equipment and many other parameters.

RigDig Business Intelligence 6 ways data drives growth

Top 6 Ways Data Drives Growth

Who are you missing? Is your marketing successful? Where is the industry going? These are questions data can answer. Download this PDF to find out the top 6 ways data grows businesses.

Download the PDF

Where does our data come from?

RigDig has partnered with the Department of Justice’s National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) to integrate information from Junk Yards, Salvage Yards, Auto Recyclers, Insurance Carriers, and State Titling Agencies. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is RigDig’s primary source of federally recordable accidents, post-accident inspections, inspection violations, carrier information, and CSA scores.

RigDig Business Intelligence provides all the labor, resources, and information to tie a VIN with the associated carrier. EDA is RigDig’s primary source of Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) related liens and terminations.

Learn more about our truck history reports. >

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