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Driving Audience Growth

An Overdrive Case Study

In 2012, we began a strategic marketing campaign to increase the audience of the Overdrive audience. In an effort to practice what we preach, we employed the same custom marketing services we offer clients, but for one of our own brands.
The goal was to increase engagement, social presence and sharing, and secure more emails for our audience database.

The Goal

  • Increase Audience
  • Increase Engagement
  • Increase Social Media Presence
  • Increase Social Sharing
  • Increase Audience Database

How can you build a larger, more loyal audience?

Our Strategy

We focused our efforts on 5 marketing services:

1. Website Development

It is imperative that websites are easy to browse and encourage content consumption and social sharing.

2. Increased Social Media

Taking advantage of software such as Hootsuite allows you to establish a posting schedule and track all interactions.

3. Increased Content

When customers consume more of your content, they are much more likely to make purchases with you.

4. Mobile Development

Many marketers consider mobile marketing the most important trend moving forward. All websites should be mobile friendly.

5. Brand Consolidation

Consistent messaging and design form a strong bond between customers and your brand and keep you top-of-mind.

1. Website Development

Design Overhaul

The main focus was to make the website more browser-friendly and eye pleasing.


The redesign used HTML5 as an operating system, which allows for it to function properly on multiple platforms.

Links to Social Media and Sharing

Links to our social platforms were embedded and content on the site was made sharing friendly.

More Content

Articles and Blogs featured “Related Article” and “Most Popular” links to encourage more content consumption.


The Results

  • Website visits increased by 690%.
  • Unique visitors increased by 530%.

2. Increased Social Media Efforts

Updated Accounts

We made sure all social networks were current and designed correctly.

Scheduled Postings

We developed a schedule for how often social networks should be updated.

Facebook Ads

Using the audience segmentation of Facebook, we delivered Facebook Ads to profiles in our target demographic
See the results! Connect with Overdrive:

social media


  • Social fans increased by 194%.
  • Facebook drives 33% of website traffic.

3. Increased Content

Daily Newsletter

In order to increase our audience database and increase engagement, we began sending out daily newsletters to the Overdrive Audience. We used a form gate to capture emails and linked to the newsletter throughout the site and on social media.

Email Marketing Icon


  • We captured more than 90,000 newsletter subscribers.
  • Newsletters are #1 driver of website traffic.

4. Mobile Development

Mobile Friendly Website

To capture the masses who choose to browse via mobile devices, we created a mobile version of

App Development

2012 saw the launch of our Trucker Tools App. Along with a myriad of trucker-friendly functions, the app was embedded with the mobile version of Overdrive.



  • Almost half of our web traffic is mobile.
  • The Trucker Tools app reached more than 130,000 downloads.

5. Brand Consolidation

In 2012 Overdrive redesigned its branding and absorbed the brand of Trucker News, leveraging its audience.

Overdrive hero images


  • Raised Brand Awareness
  • A Larger Audience Under a Single Brand


The increases in audience engagement and lead generation were astounding. Using the same marketing services we offer you, we grew a bigger more loyal audience, that engages with us through social networks and shares our content with their peers.
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