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How Randall-Reilly Does Halloween

At Randall-Reilly, we work hard and play hard.

Successful day-to-day business interaction, especially at a company of 350+ employees, doesn’t lend itself to many timeouts in the name of a good time…
But, in this busy budget-football-holiday-traveling-selling season, that’s exactly what our President (and emcee for the event) decided to do. And it paid off in morale and camaraderie.
There was a costume parade, zombie-making, pumpkin decorating, pie eating, chubby bunny, and even a seed spitting contest. Emotions and reactions ranged from surprise to nausea. Needless to say, everyone had a good time.
Costume Contest Winners
1st: Zack Flippo as Nick Reid
2nd: Duck Dynasty Group – Timothy Smith, Leah Boyd, Anne Marie Horton, Dan Tidwell, Richie Hinton, Linda McCray, Terry Browning, & Mark Tidmore
3rd: Drew Ingram as 4DX and Mike Reilly as The Big Wig
Pie Eating Contest
1st: Matt Ochocki
2nd: David Arsenault
3rd: Douglas McLaurine
Chubby Bunny
1st: Bob Scroggins
2nd: Evan Malone
3rd: Brad Holthaus
Seed Spitting
1st: Natasha Spencer
2nd: Scott Glisson
3rd: Drew Downs
Pumpkin Decorating
1st: Big AL – Jennifer Heath
2nd: Hamburger – Tameka Rancher
3rd: How Pumpkin Pie is Made – Pete Austin

Our always festive Charlotte office held their own contest!

Costume Contest
1st: Jack Craft (Scary Halloween Bride)
2nd: Brittany Bilek (Ms. Skeleton)
3rd:Brittney McDowell (Humpty Dumpty)
Pumpkin Carving
1st: Gayle Griffith (Cinderella’s Carriage)
2nd: Sandra Ollice (Caramel Applelumpkin)
3rd: Michelle Gratz (Thriller)

Who’s the real Nick Reid?
The Randall-Reilly Duck Dynasty welcomes a new addition to their family.
Our very own ‘Big Wig’ shows the importance of 4DX implementation.
A Tide tribute is always a crowd favorite. This “Big Al” won the pumpkin decorating contest.
The pie contest gets serious. All in!
Brent Reilly bestows Matt Ochocki with the Pie Eating trophy while David Arsenault (2nd place) looks on with envy.
Our Beyonce wows the crowd in the Costume Contest and goes on to win Seed Spitting.
Drew Downs puts his back into seed spitting.
Creative and delicious!

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