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Identifying Heavy Equipment Buyers

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Today’s equipment dealers face a difficult task. Not only are they competing with other dealers for business, but they must also continue to evolve how they operate in order to effectively reach the prospects they are after.
Innovations in technology have allowed buyers more access to information than ever before. This access has fundamentally changed the way most customers approach buying heavy equipment. According to recent studies, 70% of a buyer’s purchasing decision is made before they ever speak to a dealer. That means you have to change what you’re doing to reach a prospective buyer in time to engage in a meaningful conversation.
70% of buyer decision is before contact with a dealer
Luckily the innovations in technology and tools available are not limited to the customer side of the equation. As a dealer you now have more tools than ever before to help you actively search for and target the exact right prospects for your dealership.

The Grow Your Dealership in the Digital Age Webinar Series

Over the course of the past few months the Grow Your Dealership in the Digital Age webinar series has covered a variety of topics equipment dealerships face. From recruiting diesel technicians to the marketing and sales of used equipment, each entry in the series has focused on a different aspect of the business and presented solutions to solve the problems facing today’s dealers.
Our upcoming webinar, Identifying Heavy Equipment Buyers, will speak specifically to how you can gain the edge on the competition and find and target the buyers you need at the right time in their purchasing process. From website and call tracking to one of our latest offerings, Priority Prospects, we will cover the gamut and cover on all the major areas and tell you exactly how to identify when buyers are in market.
This next installment will be available for viewing on Tuesday, September 24th and Thursday, September 26th. Join us as William Ortiz and Prescott Shibles sit down to discuss the process of Identifying Heavy Equipment Buyers.

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