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2020 Hard Working Trucks Advertising Information

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Reach the owners whose trucks get the job done.

Hard Working Trucks provides news and in-depth coverage of pickups, commercial vans and Class 3-8 trucks. Also featured are related products and vocational upfits used in the construction, landscaping, pickup and delivery, and utility industries. These are the trucks that help their owners earn a living on the jobsite, in the field, and on our nation’s streets and roadways.

Hard Working Trucks SOCIAL MEDIA

Hard Working Trucks editors are actively engaged with their audience through multi-platform networking.

100K+ Unique Monthly Visits
Rich with industry-related content, truck owners come to HWT’s website daily to gather industry news, business tips, and find product solutions.

40K Monthly Mobile Visits
With all audiences increasingly going mobile, it is crucial that sites are formatted for mobile devices.

28K Subscribers
Hard Working Trucks’s daily newsletter delivers additional, consistent exposure in a focused manner to an active audience of work truck owners.

550K+ Tagged Audience
Through its website mobile and newsletter, Hard Working Trucks tagged audience has grown to over 550K.

Key Editorial Topics

  • V6 vs V8: Bigger is no longer necessarily better
  • Renewable diesel

  • Using tech to keep a closer eye on trucks, vans and drivers
  • Refurbishing vs. buying new

  • Charge!!! Electric powertrains continue to make their way into the demanding world of work trucks and vans. What have been some hits and misses?
  • NTEA Show

  • Work truck/van friendly states: Are the most populated states generally the best for a work truck/van-based business?
  • Fleet feedback on computer assisted technologies

  • Is the diesel ½-ton market a wash?
  • ACT Expo stories

  • Workhorse pickup one year later
  • That’s a wrap: Checking in with the vinyl wrap industry

  • How critical are big towing and hauling capabilities in a work pickup?
  • Popular aftermarket accessories for work trucks and vans

  • Hot shot hauling revisited
  • Evolution of P&D

  • Winter prep
  • Snow removal wrap-up

  • SEMA stories – Cabover country & trailer time

  • Aftermarket auto computers: What do they offer?
  • Van shelving & storage solutions

  • Pickup body innovations and fleet response
  • Aftermarket suspension: Looking at options to beefing up a truck and van


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Average CPM: $24

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File Requirements

  • Size Limit: 150kb
  • Accepted Formats: jpg, gif, swf (swf req: click TAG, “_blank”)
  • 3rd party tags accepted

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