Priority Prospects
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Priority Prospects
Priority Prospects
Priority Prospects
Priority Prospects

Identify active equipment buyers before your competitors do with Priority Prospects by Randall-Reilly.

When it comes to selling equipment, establishing trust, credibility and understanding the buyer’s needs are key. In fact, equipment buyers rate dealer relationship as one of the top purchase influencers, ahead of resale value, financing offers, safety ratings, and operator/driver preferences.

How do you proactively identify buyers looking for new or used equipment before your competitors do? And how can you focus your resources on prospects that are most likely to buy?

How does Priority Prospects work?

Randall-Reilly will analyze your website visitor traffic and identify matches to our verified EDA and RigDigBI Prospect Profiles. Using a proprietary algorithm, a lead score will be generated for each match, indicating the greatest likelihood to buy. You’ll receive daily emails with lead scoring, and a report download with your matches, links to view their Prospect Profiles, and the pages they viewed on your website.

Step 1

Easy Setup

Tracking code placed on your web pages.

Step 2

Prospects Visit Your Site

Website visit data sent to our servers.

Step 3

Prospect Company Matching & Filtering

Visitor IP addresses matched to our databases & scores by likelihood to buy, with non-prospects filtered out.

Step 4

Matches Delivered

Daily emails with lead scoring and report downloads, including your matches, Prospect Profile links, and pages viewed.

Step 5

Your Sales Follows Up

Sales team uses data to engage and prioritize prospects most likely to buy.

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