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Randall-Reilly Holidays

Mike Reilly, our Chairman & CEO, frequently says, “If you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

Other than the fact that you do indeed, actually have to work, there’s a lot of truth in this statement. Being invested and enjoying the job you have can be satisfying and positively influence your emotional well being.

But, what this saying leaves out, is the importance of the co-workers around you. In some cases, you spend more time with these people than your own family, don’t you?

One of the best things about Randall-Reilly is the great people it employs. It gives us a chance to learn, understand, and grow from others we’d never know or experience otherwise. In fact, after “mission,” it was found that “working with awesome people” was the #2 reason for job satisfaction, followed by challenging work, meaningful advancement, confidence in senior leaders, and then perks.

I see some of our clients on this list. Congratulations!

This past week at Randall-Reilly was filled with holiday cheer, employee appreciation, and community support.

With all that has been changing and progressing around the company, we took a moment to celebrate our successes and hard work during the giving season.

On Wednesday, Randall-Reilly executives served associates lunch, raffled off prizes & giveaways, and enjoyed the sounds of the Central High School choir. This day also honored those meeting five, ten, fifteen, twenty-five, and thirty-year employee milestones with a breakfast at the chairman’s home and acknowledgement at the company lunch.
By Thursday night, it was time to party with guests and spouses, more contests, and more food. Any on Friday, it was back to work in preparation for one of Randall-Reilly’s biggest service opportunities on a local, state, and national level through Wreaths Across America.
On Saturday, at the Alabama National Cemetery in Montevallo, Ala., Randall-Reilly employees joined thousands of other volunteers across the country in laying an estimated 400,000 evergreen wreaths across 800 cemeteries in all 50 states and 24 over seas sites.

Corporately sponsoring this effort speaks to the pride and appreciation Randall-Reilly holds for our country’s service men and women.

It means a great deal to the families it serves and wouldn’t be possible without the trucking industry we serve.

This time of year, whatever your beliefs, is about grace, giving and as the year comes to a close, everything coming full circle.

Milestone associates gather for their recognition certificates over breakfast.

The Central High School Choir performs after luncheon.

Volunteers salute as TAPS is played.
(courtesy of

Wreaths in route thanks to their cemetery destination.

A daughter lays a wreath for her father on Saturday, December 14th.
(courtesy of

Pottle’s Transportation & Randall-Reilly proudly support Wreaths Across America.


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