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To help our clients, we produce driver research, educational webinars, and industry analysis. Our hope is that you find valuable insights that assists you in your goal of recruiting truck drivers.

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efficiency formula

Efficiency Formula

Randall Reilly’s Efficiency Formula was designed to help you get the most out of your recruiting efforts. The efficiency formula will automatically calculate your driver …
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Recruiting Budget Calculator

Recruiting Budget Calculator

The TRUE cost of hiring drivers. This calculator is a tool to help out with one of the most important decisions that any recruiting department needs …
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technician recruiting calculator

Technician Recruiting Calculator

What SHOULD you be spending to hire technicians? This fillable spreadsheet is a simple, but effective cost-benefit analysis on hiring the diesel technicians you need to …
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What Driver Want 2

What Drivers Want II

The insights you need on drivers. This report takes a look at over 1,000 truck drivers and breaks down how they got into truck driving, what …
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