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Element Guidelines & Specs
Email Subject The client can specify a subject line for their email, with a maximum length of 50 characters. If you don’t specify a subject line, we will use the headline from your copy or compose one for you.
FROM: Information We will need to know the name that should appear in the FROM: section of the email.
Website URL When sending us your material, please specify the URL of a destination page if it is not coded to the HTML. This is a web page which email recipients will click on to for more information or to respond to your offer. We recommend that this destination page is not just an exact copy of the email creative. Instead, it should provide more information or a path to respond or purchase.
Copy & Layout Information You can send us your copy and information in several ways:

Include your copy text in an email and attach any images to the email. We will produce the HTML and apply simple formatting.

Use Word’s formatting tools to show how you would like the text formatted. Embed the images in the Word document to show layout, etc. It would be helpful if you could provide any images used as separate attachments as well. We will produce the HTML by hand, and format to match your document as close as possible.

The client may provide their own HTML code if they like. If so, they need to strictly follow the guidelines referenced below to ensure that their email will be displayed properly across multiple email clients. The HTML should be coded by hand to ensure clean, compact code. Please do not use Word’s ‘Save as HTML’ feature, and please don’t use MS Frontpage web design software. If you cannot code HTML, we would prefer that you layout your email in Word so that we can produce the HTML markup for you. Do not use CSS absolute position.
Do not use I FRAME or I LAYERS

Company Mailing Address Legally, we need to add a physical mailing address to the footer of your email. We will also include an unsubscribe link in this section if it is not included in the main body of the email.
Approval/Test List Please provide a list of email addresses that should receive the test and/or a copy of the final email.
Suppression List If needed, please provide a list of email addresses that should be suppressed from receiving the client email.


Please reach out to your sales rep or contact us at one of the options below.


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