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Embedded Rich Media

Deliver your ads to your specific audience wherever and whenever they are engaging on LinkedIn across desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Mobile Web
Mobile App


Image Formats Size Text
JPG, JPEG, static GIF (animated GIFs are not accepted), and PNG Industry standard 1.91:1 ratio (1200x627px) 150 characters max to avoid truncation across more devices. Character max includes landing page URL.

Carousel Ads

You can customize the content you add to each carousel card to build brand awareness, tell a brand story, provide insights for your audience, or showcase multiple products at once.

Mobile Web
Mobile App
*Carousel cards can be directed to different landing pages.

Image Guidelines

Cards Width & Height Ratio Image Formats
2-10 1080x1080px 1:1 JPG, PNG, static GIF (animated not supported)

Character Limits

Intro/Commentary/Description Landing Page Ad Lead Gen Form CTA
255 characters max (Intro text may truncate at 150 characters on some mobile devices) 45 character headline limit 30 character headline limit
*Headline text for each image card is a maximum of two lines before being truncated.

Video Ads

Engage decision makers with video ads across desktop and mobile and instantly collect complete, accurate leads with pre-filled forms or convert prospects on your website.

Mobile Web
Mobile App

Video Guidelines

File Size File Format Frame Rate Ratio Resolution Audio Format Captions
75KB to 200MB MP4 Less than 30 frames per second 1:1 600x600px to 1080x1080px AAC, MPEG4 .SRT format
*If a member unmuted the video in their feed on desktop and scrolls down immediately (in less than two seconds), the video will continue playing even if less than 50% of the video is visible on screen.

Text Ads

These ads are served on the right-hand side or top of the LinkedIn desktop feed, grabbing the attention of your targeted prospects immediately.

*All URLS must have the http:// or https:// prefix.

*Click tracking for landing page URLs is supported


Headline Description Images (optional)
25 character max (including spaces) 75 character max (including spaces) 100x100px

*Some special characters cause errors when they are included in the query string at the end of the URL. Some examples include #, |, and {. If the URL you enter for your creative generates an error, consider copying everything after the question mark in the URL and pasting it into a URL Encoder like this one: Then copy your results and replace the original query string in the URL.

*Text Ads appear in a variety of sizes: 300×250, 17×700, 160×600, 728×90, 496×80

Sponsored InMail

Target your custom audience with relevant content delivered through LinkedIn messenger, which has a responsive design to ensure your call-to-action button is always visible on desktop or mobile.

Mobile Web
Mobile App
*Each Sponsored InMail can contain 3 clickable links maximum.

General Specifications

Regions Impression Tracking Click Tracking Rich Media Options
Global No Yes No

Character Maximums

*Character maximums include spaces and punctuations.
Sender’s Name Subject Line Body Copy Hyperlinked Text in Body Call-to-Action (CTA) URL in Hyperlink or CTA Custom T&Cs
30 60 1500 70 20 No Restriction 2500

Banner Ad

Resolution File Type Max File Size Click-through URL
300×250 JPG, static GIF, PNG (no flash) 40kb Required


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