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Native Display Advertising & Sponsored Content

By logging into our client platform, you can post content on our award-winning brand websites. Native content is impactful and meaningful to your audience, giving you the opportunity to increase your brand recognition and authority within your industry.

Native Display Advertising

Native ad units conform to the design and feel of the sites on which they display, preserving the immersive user-experience while producing click-through rates like that of editorial content.

Mobile phoneMobile Web
Desktop computerDesktop

Standard Display

Dimensions File formats Optimal file size
Creative must be high resolution (300 pixels per inch and above)

Native In-Feed

Image Dimensions File formats Optimal file size Headline Body
JPG & PNG 750KB Maximum characters: 55
Minimum characters: 15
Maximum characters: 120
Minumum characters: 25
The image for native ads should not contain any text overlay.

Sponsored Content

When people visit your content, your display ads and site skin will fill the webpage. The SEO ranking for your website can improve with quality backlinks included in the article.

Mobile phoneMobile Web
Desktop computerDesktop

Banner Style Resolution Max File Size Image Formats Max Length
Header Image 1024x768px 150k GIF, HTML, JPG, PNG 30 seconds
* A destination URL must be provided for each banner.

Sponsored Content Page Elements

Page Element Resolution Max File Size Image Formats
Company Logo No larger than 250×100 150k GIF, HTML, JPG, PNG
* Your Facebook URL, LinkedIn URL, Google Plus URL, and at least 5 links to your YouTube videos should also be provided.

Twitter Details

Please proved your Twitter URL (ex. twitter.com/yourcompany) for the Twitter Feed.

Homepage and Top Stories Placements

Within your industry, your sponsored posts will rotate on the homepage of our brand websites, as well as, on the top stories placement on article pages to drive traffic and increase exposure to your brand.


Please reach out to your sales rep or contact us at one of the options below.


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