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Third Party Tags

Third Party Tags

IMPORTANT: Please label each tag specifically with regards to dimensions (e.g. 300×250) and campaign name (if running more than one campaign simultaneously) to allow for optimization and clear reporting.
This tool checks if your tags are compatible with Google AdWords.

Approved Ad Exchange Vendors

Technical Specs for Banners

Dimensions Max File Size File Format Animation Length Maximum Frame Rate
120 x 600
160 x 600
200 x 200
240 x 400
250 x 250
250 x 360
300 x 250
300 x 600
300 x 1050
320 x 50
320 x 100
336 x 280
468 x 60
580 x 400
728 x 90
930 x 180
970 x 90
970 x 250
980 x 120
150K recommended

Total load size
2.2 MB maximum

*Total load size includes initial and subsequent/polite loads


SWF (Flash versions 4 through 11.2)


Maximum host-initiated play
30 seconds

Maximum user-initiated play (click required)
4 minutes


SSL Compliance

SSL-compliant ad units are accepted on the Google Display Network according to the following policies. We require that all ads and tracking pixels targeting SSL inventory (including YouTube) are SSL-compliant.

SSL-compliant ads guidelines

  • All A24 ad responses must be SSL-compliant (“HTTPS”). All servers involved require full SSL certification.
  • It is preferred that your ad tag can auto-detect that it is being requested from the HTTP/HTTPS protocol and will auto-adjust any responses to be SSL-compliant if necessary. Otherwise, Google has a protocol macro that we can insert in any URIs or ad tags to auto-update “http” to “https” if necessary.
  • Please notify your Google account representative that you are submitting an SSL-compliant ad. Note that if an ad is declared as SSL- compliant but makes any non-SSL-compliant responses, the ad will be disapproved.
  • A vendor must receive specific certification to serve ads on SSL-compliant publisher inventory. Approved SSL-compliant ad vendors are listed in the vendors lists.


You must comply with these policies if you use third-party tracking, including pixels (beacons) on the Google Display Network


  • Only 1×1 pixels are supported for third-party tracking site-served ad units. Javascript is not allowed.
  • Click trackers are supported for third-party tracking clicks on select site-served ad units. See the Ad formats section for a full list.

Certified Vendors

  • AdWords supports third-party tracking on the Google Display Network from certified vendors. Please consult the list of certified vendors for your region in the vendor list section.
  • Certified Vendors
  • Click tracking vendors are not required to be certified.

Fourth-party calls and multiple vendor tracking
Multiple impression pixels per event are not supported for our site-served and/or video ad units through AdWords. However, clients may daisy-chain multiple vendor tracking and/or fourth-party calls into a single asset. This must be a standard format 1×1 pixel that fires simultaneous calls to each vendor upon serving the impression. The client or agency is responsible for piggybacking or daisy-chaining the pixels.

Ad Formats
Third-party pixels are supported on the below ad formats. Some ad formats allow for multiple events to be tracked. However, only one pixel can be appended per event.

Ad Format Pixels Allowed Click Trackers Allowed
Site-served image or video (non-TrueView) ads Yes – Impression
TrueView in-stream ad Yes – impression, view, and skip No
TrueView in-stream ad Yes – view
Companion Banners
Separate tracking for companion banners is not supported for auction video ads. Videos and their accompanying companion banners will share the same tracking assets.


Please reach out to your sales rep or contact us at one of the options below.


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