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Promoted Video Card

*A full width call-to-action will appear below your ad’s photo or video, embedded with a hyperlink to your chosen URL. If you do not choose your own call-to-action, the default will be Learn More and go to your landing page.

Dimensions Aspect Ratio Video Time Character Limits File Formats
1080×1080 pixels 16:9 Max time 2 minutes and 20 seconds 116 Characters, Title (under video) 70 characters, Description under video 200 characters MP4 or MOV
  • Video codec recommendation: H264, Baseline, Main, or High profile with a 4:2:0 color space.
  • Frame rate recommendation: 29.97 FPS or 30 FPS. A higher frame rate is acceptable. If the available video has a lower frame rate, avoid trying to upsample.
  • Video bitrate recommendation: 6,000 – 10,000K for 1080p. 5,000k – 8,000k for 720p

Website Cards

Dimensions Aspect Ratio Character Limits Image Formats
800×418 pixels for 1.91:1 aspect ratio, 800×800 pixels for 1:1 aspect ratio 1.91:1 or 1:1 116 JPG & PNG
  • Website title length:70 characters.
  • Depending on current device and app settings, the description may be truncated.
  • While the max length is 70 characters, 50 characters is heavily suggested to avoid this issue.


Please reach out to your sales rep or contact us at one of the options below.


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