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RESEARCH: 2012 Trucking Connectivity Report

Do you know what percentage of your target audience uses smartphones? Do fleet executives use social media? Do owner-operators check their email frequently? This report has your answers to those questions. Each year, our research department conducts and extensive research campaign to help marketers in the trucking and driver recruitment industries tailor their campaigns. And […]

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How Often Do Fleet Executives Check Their Email?

Here’s a quick tidbit as part of our countdown to the release of the full 2012 Trucking Connectivity Report on Wednesday. How can you reach a fleet executive? With more than half being over 55 what can you use? Telegram. . . carrier pigeon. . .fax? Well Mr. Generation X, it seems your ageism has […]

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Who in Trucking Uses the Internet & Social Media?

When it comes to staying connected in the trucking industry, younger people tend to use the internet frequently. And they tend to use smart phones for purposes other than making phone calls and to use social media – no matter what industry segment they work in. Those are just some of the conclusions drawn from […]