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The Impact of the Coronavirus on Trucking’s Owner-Operators

Over the past few weeks, we’ve taken a look at how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the trucking industry both at the fleet and driver level. This week we focus again on the driver impact, but more specifically on how the current situation affects trucking’s owner-operators. Overdrive Senior Editor, Todd Dills, sits down to share […]

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5 Essential Statistics for Recruiting More Owner-Operators

Surveys estimate there are a third fewer owner-operators on the road right now than there were in 2008. But of course the shortage is just the beginning of your problems. We have compiled the 5 most important statistics from the 2014 Overdrive Connectivity Study to help you recruit owner-operators. 1. Owner-Operators Prefer Print Owner-operators consume […]

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Driving Audience Growth

An Overdrive Case Study In 2012, we began a strategic marketing campaign to increase the audience of the Overdrive audience. In an effort to practice what we preach, we employed the same custom marketing services we offer clients, but for one of our own brands. The goal was to increase engagement, social presence and sharing, […]