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Digging Deeper into Driver Recruiting with Dave | “No More Budget! Now What? The Race to Fill Trucks”

Dave welcomes back Kyle Jernigan to follow-up their discussion from our last Digging Deeper. Last time, in Episode 6 of our Digging Deeper Series: Speed > Cost-per-Lead: The Race to Fill Trucks, Dave and Kyle discussed the importance of speed when it comes to your driver recruiting; and how to approach talks about your recruiting […]

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Digging Deeper into Driver Recruiting with Dave | “Speed > Cost-per-Lead: The Race to Fill Trucks”

It seems like every week we see a new freight record being set. Fleets are struggling to keep up with the insane demand right now, which translates into a constant and urgent need for drivers. The problem is too many fleets are stuck in the old mindset of trying to find the cheapest leads. In our current situation, every day you wait around searching for those cheaper leads is another day your truck sits idle and you miss out on moving valuable freight!

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The Currency of Fleet Reputation

Listen to the article: In the minds of many fleets, drivers have become a commodity. The mindset becomes “What is the cheapest driver I can get in my fleet?” And coupled with that mindset is the idea that turnover isn’t actually a bad thing. As long as you can keep a driver for X amount […]