social media | Randall Reilly - Part 15
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Don’t Make This Commenting Mistake

A few days ago, I was reading an article on LinkedIn. (By the way, LinkedIn has been exploding their site with great content lately.) The article described potential pitfalls that you walk right into in your personal career development. Then, it went on to offer the caveat that it might be the fault of your […]

Article Recruiting

Who in Trucking Uses the Internet & Social Media?

When it comes to staying connected in the trucking industry, younger people tend to use the internet frequently. And they tend to use smart phones for purposes other than making phone calls and to use social media – no matter what industry segment they work in. Those are just some of the conclusions drawn from […]


WHITE PAPER: Driver Recruiting & Social Media

Trucking companies must, if they are to foster deeper trust in their recruiting departments, expand their marketing strategies into a wide range of social media.  It is also imperative to make use of the variety of social media sites available to them and not limit efforts to the most popular, i.e. Facebook. This first of three reports […]