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Digging Deeper into Driver Recruiting with Dave | “Where Are You Losing Leads?”

For our first episode of 2022, Dave sits down with McKensie Worley and Seth Becker to discuss, “Where Are You Losing Leads?”

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Monthly Driver Recruiting Trends – February 2021

Monthly Driver Recruiting Trends – February 2021 The following metrics are sourced from truck driver recruiting campaigns managed by Randall-Reilly. Recent trends are detailed below in an effort to review driver employment activity. In the past 12 months, the network of unique Driver Recruiting Landing Pages maintained by Randall-Reilly were visited by over 2.7 million […]

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The Challenge of Quantifying Data Accuracy

Big data is changing the world of sales and marketing. You no longer have to build generic advertising, rely on surveys to measure market share, or use a phone book to find new prospects. You have the potential to access all the information in the world at your fingertips. Take a deep breath and really […]