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The Modern Dealership Salesman

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The way people buy equipment has changed a lot over the years. The internet and smartphones—two of today’s biggest influencers on customer behavior—have made room for a different breed of buyers than the buyers of the past. Thanks to the internet, buyers no longer depend on dealers to educate them on equipment, help them find what they are looking for, or assist them in determining the best price. This means buyers are leaving dealers out of the purchasing process until it is too late for a dealer to have any influence on their decision whatsoever.
The changes in the way people buy demands a change in the way dealers sell. You need to start communicating with buyers earlier and on the platforms and devices they are using. To do that, you need to know what buyers are out there and who is ready to buy.
The modern dealership salesman has to be proactive to keep up with buyers and needs to take advantage of the tools and technologies that can help him/her get ahead in the purchasing process.

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So far in our Grow Your Dealership in the Digital Age webinar series, we have covered topics that range from technician recruiting to used equipment to the role data plays in your dealer strategy.
Our upcoming webinar will focus on the role of a dealership salesperson, and how the changes in the sales process that have occurred over the years have changed how salespeople interact with buyers.
This next installment will be available for viewing on Tuesday, November 19th and Thursday, November 21st. Join us as David Arsenault and Mason Dunlap sit down to discuss The Modern Dealership Salesman.

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