Truck Driver Recruiting by Segment
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Driver Segments
Driver Segments
Driver Segments
Driver Segments

Build Your Custom Audience Through Data

Company Drivers

Contacts by Type of Haul

Van – 282,003+
Reefer – 174,658+
Flatbed – 166,845+
Auto – 45,500+
End Dump – 383+
Expedited – 165+
Household Goods – 30,547+
Agricultural – 203+
Specialized – 61,038+
Tanker – 117,544+


Contacts – 843,559+
Tagged Audience – 1,400,00+
Facebook Match – 220,000+
Phone Numbers – 581,691+

Target Your Audience

Target by:


Your Custom Audience

Connect and Build Trust Through Media

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Website – 855,522+ Monthly Page Views
Newsletter – 255,266+ Subscribers

Engage and Convert Your Audience

targeted display ads

Targeted Display

Image and text banners on any display network targeted through several parameters.

facebook advertising

Facebook Advertising

Sponsored ads and messages that can be targeted through many parameters.

linkedin advertising


Sponsored image and text ads on LinkedIn, targeting job title, job description, company, company size, etc.

instagram advertising

Instagram Advertising

Targeting an audience built by matching Instagram accounts to Facebook users.

youtube marketing

YouTube Marketing

Targeting YouTube users with promoted videos.

search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Paid text ads that appear in the search results of different search engines.

content marketing

Content Marketing

Using non-sales focused content to drive engagement, boost visibility, and bolster credibility.

voice connect

Voice Connect

Using a pre-recorded message to contact drivers within your hiring criteria, and connecting them to a recruiter.

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