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You Have a Great Website. Now What?

So you have built a great website that you know will grow your business. What should you do next? The greatest website in the world is useless without traffic. The old method of embedding tons of links and cramming the site full of keywords no longer works.

So then what can you do?

We faced this dilemma with a new site of ours, It is a website designed to connect drivers with local jobs across the U.S. The site contains thousands of pages of local job listings. This makes SEO that much more difficult when you need that many pages to rank high in search.

However, we found a solution. In the end, we not only drove traffic but were able to generate more traffic in a month than our competitors’ sites have in ten years!

Our Strategy

Build Domain Authority

Rather than try to build page rank among the thousands of pages we focused on building the domain authority.

Generate Natural Links

This was accomplished through a heavy emphasis on social media with the goal of links being shared by fans.

Generate Buzz

To cause buzz we pushed out a press release to unveil the website and appeal to a broader audience.

What We Did

After consulting with our performance marketing team, we decided a compelling infographic could accomplish the above list. Since most of our audience would be truckers, the infographic needed to appeal them. But we still wanted something that would appeal to a larger audience.


We created an eye-catching, interactive infographic called “Truckpocalypse.” The infographic detailed what would happen if trucks no longer transported freight across the country. Day-by-day you could see the deterioration of the country until it reached apocalyptic status. It was hosted on and was formatted for all devices.

How We Promoted Truckpocalypse

Social Media

Knowing that the subject of our infographic would be of interest to many, we pushed it out to all of our social networks—Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

Press Release

To create an initial spike in traffic and raise awareness we pushed out a press release.


  • More traffic than competitive websites had seen in 10 years!

  • Ranked for targeted keywords increase

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